Government agencies are a variety of sizes with different requirements, but they all have similar payment needs. We listen to your unique situation and use our adaptable, single-source payment platform to provide solutions with real results.

Government Window | User

Amy Orebaugh

Chief Financial Officer

Cedartown, GA

After months of deliberating about switching to Government Window, I am glad we made the move. Once we decided to go with them, it was a smooth and quick transition. Any issues that have come up since the move, the customer service staff have been responsive and usually the issue is handled within hours. I just wish we had gone with Government Window sooner.

Government Window | User

Jan Lewis

Clerk of Court

City of Stone Mountain Municipal Court

This court has been using Government Window for court and miscellaneous credit card payments for over a year! The customer service is outstanding! The system is very user friendly! Taking payments has become effortless! This makes our court more efficient! Thank you Government Window!

Government Window | User

Brenda Vandiver

Court Clerk

Washington, GA Municipal Court

Washington Municipal Court proudly uses Government Window for our online citation payments. We are very pleased with the ease at which defendants may make their payments online and the timeliness of the reports that we receive showing confirmation of payments. I have been in this Court for 10 months and had not used GW before in other courts. However, I have been extremely satisfied with the support team and follow ups that I receive on any issues or questions that I have. GW is great to work with!!! Keep up the good work!!

Government Window | User

Meg Grant

Clerk of Court

Auburn Municipal Court

I would say that based on the fact that I am getting less calls in a day, that your IVR and online site has cut down on my workload a great deal. Plus the more that pay before court means the less I see in court.

Government Window | User

MAJ Warren Langley

McDonough Municipal Court

Government Window has made the processing of credit and debit cards simple. We no longer have to engage in collecting and retaining fees to cover processing of these cards. Gone are the days of paying the processing bill at various rates for various cards. The automated functions available to our customers through the internet and GW’s IVR System have decreased the workload put on our limited staff.

Government Window | User

Jeannette W. Anderson

Tax Commissioner

Washington County

Government Window has been so easy to work with. From getting our property tax collection page set up to any day to day interactions that might be required. The customer service team is just an email away. Washington County Tax Commissioner Office has been with Government Window since 2014. The number of my online property payments continue to grow each year. The convenience far outweighs the small percentage charge. Thanks for providing outstanding service!

Government Window | User

Carolyn Clark

Administrative Assistant

Villa Rica Police Department

We have been very satisfied since switching to Government Window. Processing credit The daily emails that I receive make tracking payments very easy – every payment is detailed with all information including ticket numbers, court dates, subject names and even the names of the person making a payment. All of this information makes my daily reconciliations much easier. I have also found the website very user friendly when researching older payments – I can search by name or ticket number on any given day or during a range of time. And last – but certainly not least – Customer Service is exemplary! I prefer emails over calling and every email I send is usually answered within 15 minutes and my issue is immediately resolved. I am certainly glad that we made the switch to Government Window.



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